Unveiling That Which Flows by Manhwa: Detailed Story


that which flows by: Prepare to be swept away by a tale of magic, political intrigue, and the everlasting themes of love and betrayal as you enter the fascinating world of the manhwa That Which Flows. This manhwa follows the path of Prince EunWol, a young man with unusual magical talents, from an outcast in the royal court to a figure who holds the fate of the country in his hands. You will be captivated by the breathtaking sights, which span from intricate traditional Korean buildings to vast vistas of a world that is both familiar and foreign. However, beneath the surface is a deeper story of a young man wrestling with his fate and the corrupting affects of power as sinister forces strive to break the kingdom apart from within. This manhwa, epic in scope but extremely intimate, has struck a chord with readers all across the world. Allow its enchantment to wash over you.

An Overview That Which Flows Manhwa

Donggun Lee produced the Korean webtoon or manhwa That Which Flows. Miso, a teenage girl with unusual talents living in a post-apocalyptic world where humans has evolved into ferocious beasts, is the protagonist of the novel, which was first published in 2018.

Miso’s effort to find her place in a perilous society while concealing her identity from others is central to the plot. She was discovered as a baby by a hunter named Gomo, who nurtured her alone. As she grows older, she wanders out into the wastelands, where she meets allies who assist her in honing her odd skills.

  • The plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where an unexplained disaster has led humanity to mutate into savage animals. Much of the terrain is severe and inhospitable. Unmutated humans live in pockets in hidden villages, struggling to survive.
  • The protagonist Miso possesses unusual abilities such as telekinesis, which allows her to manipulate objects with her mind. She attempts to discover the source of her skills while keeping them hidden from others for fear of how others would react.
  • Miso’s effort to find her place in the world is shown in the plot. Along the voyage, she meets both friends and foes, experiences frightening monsters, and nearly dies. She’s looking for answers about what happened to her true parents and where her powers came from.
  • The manhwa is classified as a supernatural, post-apocalyptic science fantasy work. It has innovative creature and character designs, as well as spectacular action moments. The book is intended for mature teen and young adult readers.

That Which Flows is an intriguing dystopian novel filled with intrigue, action, and meaningful human moments. Readers will be eager for the next installment because of the unique imagery and plot.

Key Characters in That Which Flows

That Which Flows revolves around two primary characters:

Cha Eun-Ho

Eun-Ho is a shy high school student who prefers to remain to himself. When he begins to have unusual glimpses and dreams of a mystery planet, his placid life is flipped upside down. He realises that these images are glimpses into a parallel universe known as the “Space of Flowing Time.”

Eun-Ho is a quiet but determined heroine. While cautious, he musters fortitude in the face of danger in order to assist his newfound partner. Readers may readily relate to and support him because of his generosity and compassion.

Seo Yeon-Hee

Yeon-Hee is a young woman who has become trapped in the Space of Flowing Time, a realm in which time moves differently. She has been imprisoned in a tower for 200 years, her powers depleted by an evil witch. Yeon-Ho’s visions provide a glimmer of hope, and she reaches out to him across dimensions to beg for assistance.

Yeon-Hee, a strong-willed and spirited woman, refuses to give up hope, even after two centuries in captivity. Her meeting with Eun-Ho fuels her ambition to flee and stop the witch who is threatening both their worlds. Despite her exhaustion from her lengthy confinement, her fierce nature shines through, giving her a compelling heroine in the novel.

Eun-Ho and Yeon-Hee make an enthralling duo. Their bravery and compassion in the face of danger, as well as their commitment to save each other no matter what, form an endearing alliance that drives this epic adventure.

Story Outline of That Which Flows Chapters

What Flows is a fantasy manhwa about Yeon, a young boy with unusual water powers. Yeon lives in a little village with his mother and sister, oblivious to the huge destiny that awaits him.

Story Outline

One day, Yeon’s community is invaded by Gwishin monsters who emerge from the water in search of individuals with exceptional talents. Yeon realises he has the ability to control water and uses it to beat the Gwishin, but at the expense of his mother’s life. Ahn, a sage, enters and informs Yeon that he is the Water Dragon, one of four animals tasked with protecting the planet.

Ahn transports Yeon and his sister to the Sage Sanctuary to begin training his abilities. Yeon meets three other monsters there: Haeun the Fire Phoenix, Chung the Earth Tiger, and Rak the Wind Bird. To reach their full potential and protect humanity from the evil that threatens the land, the four creatures must band together.

Yeon is dealing with the weight of duty on his shoulders as well as the loss of his mother. He works hard in the gym but still makes blunders. When the Gwishin attack again, Yeon loses control of his power and nearly drowns them. Ahn chastises Yeon for succumbing to darkness and warns him of the corruption that will result from squandering his gift.

Yeon renews his commitment to his training. He and the other monsters learn to work together to destroy the Gwishin without surrendering to darkness. They reappear as the Four Guardians, ready to defend the planet against evil.

That Which Flows follows the Water Dragon Yeon as he discovers his strength, fights to manage it, and eventually discovers his destiny as one of the four monsters defending humanity. Yeon’s transformation from a little rural lad to a powerful Guardian exemplifies the manhwa’s themes of duty, rediscovered family, and overcoming loss.

Topical Representation and Figurative Elements of That Which Flows

Throughout the novel, That Which Flows covers numerous themes. Humanity’s relationship with nature is a prominent theme. According to the narrative, humans has broken the world’s natural balance and harmony. The river’s unnatural damming represents humanity’s detrimental impact on nature. The last sequence, however, in which the river smashes through the dam, demonstrates nature’s persistence and power to overcome humanity’s destructive crimes.

Another major issue is the tension between technology advancement and environmental protection. The dam’s construction has both economic and environmental benefits, including the devastation of entire ecosystems. According to the story, we must strike a balance between progress and sustainability.

Water is a significant symbol in the plot. The river symbolises the passage of time and the cycle of life. The damming of the river represents humanity’s struggle to exert control over time and environment. However, the river eventually breaking free of the dam demonstrates nature’s and time’s ultimate uncontrollability.

The contrast between the barrenness above the dam and the thriving environment below the dam emphasises the value of natural habitats and biodiversity. The rebirth of life below the dam after it has broken symbolises nature’s tenacity when given the chance.

The story also delves into the notion of all things being connected. The river connects all of the populations and ecosystems that it passes through. These linkages are severed when the river is dammed. The connections are reestablished when the river breaks through the dam. This implies that we must recognise our interdependence with nature and with one another.

In conclusion, That Which Flows sends a message of sustainability, environmental conservation, and humanity’s inextricable relationship with nature. We harm ourselves by interrupting nature’s harmony and the flow of time. Nature, on the other hand, is resilient, and by respecting natural order, we can reestablish prosperity and connectedness.

Reasons Why one should Explore That Which Flows Manhwa

That Which Flows is a well-known and well-received Korean fantasy manhwa. Here are a few reasons why you should read this underappreciated series:

Complicated and Fascinating Storyline

The plot follows Yeonhwa, a mysteriously gifted princess, as she navigates political intrigue and otherworldly threats in her country. Yeonhwa has an unusual ability that allows her to control liquid substances, which plays a crucial role in the intriguing plot. As Yeonhwa strives to preserve her country from enemies both inside and outside the royal gates, the manhwa takes several unexpected turns.

Unforgettable and Defective Characters

The tale is driven forward by a cast of complicated, flawed characters, including:

  • Yeonhwa: The sweet protagonist who struggles with the weight of her responsibilities. Despite her great authority, she stays modest and profoundly concerned about her people.
  • Seungho: Yeonhwa’s childhood buddy and bodyguard who adores her. Though sombre, he has moments of levity and concern for people close to him.
  • The King: Yeonhwa’s uncle, who ascended to the throne upon her father’s death. His objectives are ambiguous, leaving readers wondering whether he intends to aid or hurt Yeonhwa.

Stunning Art

The full-color pictures in the manhwa are amazing in their detail. The art alone makes this series worthwhile to watch, encapsulating the story’s beauty, drama, and imagination. The backgrounds are beautiful, and the character designs are distinctive, helping to bring the group to life.

What Flows needs more acclaim and respect. With its intricate plot, interesting characters, and stunning artwork, this manhwa has all the elements of a fantasy epic. If you’re searching for a new series to get into, go no further than this hidden treasure.


What is the plot of That Which Flows Manhwa

That Which Flows’s storyline Miso, a teenage girl with unusual talents who lives in a post-apocalyptic world where humans has evolved into ferocious beasts, is the focus of Manhwa. The plot follows her as she attempts to find her place in this perilous society while concealing her identity from others.

What are the main characters in That Which Flows include.

Miso, a teenage girl with unusual talents, and Gomo, a hunter who found and reared her in seclusion, are the major protagonists of That Which Flows.

What is the Topical Representation and Figurative Elements of That Which Flows

The topical representation and figurative elements of That Which Flows In a post-apocalyptic world, include aspects of survival, identity, isolation, and the development of special powers.

What distinguishes That Which Flows from other Manhwas is…

The captivating narrative, post-apocalyptic world-building, and focus on a protagonist with unknown skills navigating a dangerous environment distinguish That Which Flows from other Manhwas.


You’ve seen the creative genius behind Manhwa’s work as you near the finish of this voyage into the universe of That Which Flows. His skill in blending pictures and language to create an immersive experience leads readers to become immersed in the narrative. Manhwa’s fascinating tales remind us of the power of dreams and the limitless possibilities that the human mind may conjure. Though the series has come to an end, its influence lives on in the memories we create and the inspiration we discover to continue our own artistic endeavours. Manhwa has bestowed upon us a treasure. May the rivers of stories continue to flow.

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