Geekzilla Podcast: A Detailed Overview

If you’re a serious podcast listener, you’re constantly looking for new episodes to add to your library. Look no farther than Geekzilla Podcast if you have an unquenchable interest about how technology is influencing our world. Geekzilla explores the newest developments in technology, gadgets, AI, space exploration, and more. It is hosted by software developers Melvin and Jenny. Melvin and Jenny simplify difficult subjects in an interesting, approachable manner by conducting in-depth industry expert interviews, reviewing products, and having heated debates. The Geekzilla Podcast offers content for everyone, regardless of whether they are tech enthusiasts or just want to stay up to date. Join us for an hour filled with passion, humour, and possibly mind-blowing ideas. Your nerd side will appreciate it.


Every week, the Geekzilla Podcast discusses the newest events in geek culture through news, reviews, and discussions. The podcast, which is hosted by self-described geeks and pop culture fans, discusses the following subjects:

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction Films, TV Series, Books, Comics, etc. Reviews and analyses of recent works include the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars.
  • News about gaming and popular video games. The hosts talk about eSports, newly released games, and other topics.
  • the newest devices, software, gadgets, and other advancements. The programme discusses topics like social networks, smart home technology, virtual reality advancements, and the effects of technology on society.
  • Internet subcultures, fandoms, and fan theories. The programme looks at digital communities and internet phenomena, as well as prominent fandoms and fan theories.
  • plus a lot more. Depending on the hosts’ individual interests and the state of the world, the podcast covers a wide range of other geek culture topics.

Celebrating everything nerdy with a healthy dose of humour and insight is the goal of the Geekzilla Podcast. For people who are enthusiastic about nerdy interests and pastimes, the show offers a welcoming environment. This podcast will appeal to enthusiasts of science fiction, gaming, technology, and internet culture, both casual and ardent.

Therefore, give Geekzilla Podcast a listen if you want to immerse yourself in news and discussion spanning the widest spectrum of geeky themes. Become involved in the discussion and let your geek side out.

Subjects and Themes Showcased on the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast covers a broad spectrum of subjects including science fiction, technology, and popular culture. The hosts, John and Jane Doe, discuss anything from the newest science fiction films and books to technological developments and space travel.

Exploring Science Fiction in the World of Media

The show frequently discusses how science fiction is portrayed in different media. The hosts discuss and evaluate the newest science fiction films, TV series, novels, comic books, and video games. They offer in-depth analysis of popular properties such as Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and Star Wars. The programme also features emerging artists and covers lesser-known pieces in the genre.

Exploring the Latest Technological Innovations

The Geekzilla podcast is up to date with the latest developments in space and technology. The hosts cover a wide range of topics, including virtual reality, space travel, and artificial intelligence. They examine the potential effects of new technologies on society as well as the opportunities and difficulties they raise. Leaders and innovators in the sector are also interviewed for the programme.

Diving into Geek Culture

Geekzilla is fundamentally a celebration of geek culture in all of its manifestations. The hosts talk about conventions, cosplay, gaming, and other geeky topics. In addition to reviewing the newest video games, board games, online multiplayer games, and gaming platforms, they discuss their experiences at big events like San Diego Comic Con. The programme spotlights geek culture staples including webcomics, podcasts, and geek idols that frequently go unnoticed by the general public.

In general, a wide variety of science fiction, technology, and geek culture subjects are covered in the Geekzilla podcast. This programme is both educational and fun, with something to interest every kind of geek. Watch out for a deep dive into your preferred fandoms, the discovery of brand-new nerdy hobbies, and an outlook on the direction of technology and space exploration.

Introducing the Individuals Behind the Microphones on the Geekzilla Podcast

Two devoted geeks who have been friends for more than ten years, Mark and Amy, host the Geekzilla podcast. In order to share their love of all things nerdy with other nerds and geeks, they began the show in 2017.

By day, Mark works as a software engineer and enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, comics, and video games. He talks about the newest developments in geek culture, including recently released comic books, films, TV series, video games, and technology, in his show “This Week in Geek.” As a passionate gamer, Mark frequently shares gameplay videos on the podcast’s YouTube account.

In addition to sharing Mark’s passion for gaming, comic books, and science fiction, Amy is a web developer who also loves anime, cosplay, and crafting. In her ‘Geek Crafts’ programme, she shows viewers how to create their own DIY geeky toys, costumes, decorations and more. She often updates the podcast’s Instagram account with her most recent cosplay designs.

Every episode features Mark and Amy’s energy and humour, despite their disparate origins and passions. Listeners tune in every week because of their lighthearted and amiable rapport. Among the geek community’s frequent guests are writers, actresses, game developers, and other podcasters. The Geekzilla podcast features content for every geek and nerd, regardless of their interests in gaming, comics, movies, crafts, or any combination of these.

The goal of Mark and Amy is to promote inclusivity, empowerment, and optimism among the geek community. They aim to address concerns about diversity and representation and to showcase a range of viewpoints. A friendly place where people from different backgrounds may unite over their mutual love of all things nerdy is the Geekzilla podcast.

Discovering Platforms to Tune in to the Geekzilla Podcast

There are various ways to listen to the Geekzilla podcast because it’s available on all of the main podcast platforms.

One of the most well-known resources for finding and subscribing to podcasts is Apple Podcasts, commonly referred to as iTunes. On your iPhone or iPad, the Apple Podcasts app, or in iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer, type “Geekzilla” into the search bar. After then, you can choose to subscribe to the programme so that fresh episodes are issued automatically.

A large selection of podcasts, including Geekzilla, are also hosted by Spotify. On your PC, tablet, or phone, use the Spotify app and type in “Geekzilla podcast.” To find out when there are new episodes, follow the show.

Try an app like Overcast, Castro, or Pocket Casts if you’d rather have a podcast-only app. Podcast enthusiasts can benefit from these apps’ helpful features, which include episode archiving, smart playlists, and variable speed playback. Look up “Geekzilla” in their collection, then subscribe to the programme.

For those who like a web-based option, Geekzilla is directly accessible on SoundCloud. Visit to access all of the show’s episodes, which are available for download or streaming. In order to enjoy episodes, leave comments, and be notified when new ones are available, create a free SoundCloud account.

You may join the Geekzilla community and get access to extra content through certain podcast apps and services. You may watch video versions of the podcast, participate in the Discord discussion, and subscribe to the mailing list on, the official website for the show. In addition to offering early access to episodes, the Geekzilla Patreon lets users submit questions for the hosts to address live.

You have a lot of options when it comes to where and how you can listen to the Geekzilla podcast. Once you’ve determined what suits your requirements and routine, relax and take in the show.

Compelling Reasons to Tune in to the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast is worthwhile for a number of reasons.

Informative and knowledgeable

A wide range of subjects pertaining to science, space, AI, VR, and other technology are covered in the Geekzilla podcast. Scientists, writers, and specialists in a range of academic subjects are interviewed by the hosts. You can learn about fascinating new discoveries and obtain a deeper comprehension of the functioning of cutting-edge technologies by listening. The talks include several technologies’ current states as well as predictions for their future development.

Captivating and Entertaining

John and Jane Smith, the hosts of the Geekzilla podcast, have an intense interest in science and technology. They deliver material in an interesting way and exude an infectious zeal. They communicate their opposing viewpoints and engage in frequent debates. Listeners of many backgrounds can understand complex issues because of the conversational, informal tone. The presentation is quite entertaining in addition to being educational. You’ll chuckle along with the hosts’ clever banter and sense of humour as you study.

Convenient and Cost-Free

The Geekzilla podcast may be found for free on a number of services, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. You have the ability to listen on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device at your convenience. Every week, new episodes that last between thirty and sixty minutes are released. The duration is just right—short enough to fit into a workout or commute, yet long enough to cover topics in detail.

The Geekzilla podcast is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in staying up to speed with scientific and technological breakthroughs because of its winning combination of entertainment and knowledge. Unleash your inner geek by listening to this award-winning programme.


As you now know, the Geekzilla Podcast is a great source for everyone who is enthusiastic about all things related to geek culture. Geekzilla Podcast offers something for everyone, regardless of their interests: cutting edge technology, popular video games, sci-fi films, or intriguing scientific fields. You can remain up to date on the latest news and topics in the geek community by subscribing and tuning in every week.

Despite its specialised focus, the programme enjoys a loyal and expanding global audience of listeners. The hosts, who are passionate and informed, lead stimulating and thought-provoking discussions on a variety of nerdy subjects. You may easily indulge your inner geek with the Geekzilla Podcast, which releases new episodes every Monday.

If you haven’t given Geekzilla Podcast a listen yet, you’re missing out. Get the programme on your preferred podcast app, open it up, and get ready to geek out. You won’t be sorry to participate in the engaging conversations and arguments on Geekzilla Podcast.

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